5 Ways to Achieve Defined Curls

Updated: May 29

Imagine having soft, defined, and voluminous curls with no frizz. That’s every natural’s dream, right?! Let’s get into the different curl definition techniques that work for all curly hair types. ⇩

1. Wash & Go

The classic wash & go is probably the most popular way to define your curls but we know that some naturals still have trouble perfecting their wash & go. We believe that the key to achieving a defined wash and go is to do it on clean hair. Clean hair just styles better and there will be little to no frizz. Also, we recommend

incorporating the raking and smoothing method to make sure any product you use is distributed evenly.

2. Twist Out

Doing regular two-strand twists can work but we recommend doing flat twists. Flat twists make your curls more defined and it reduces the chance of your roots becoming poofy. When taking down your twists, make sure to apply oil to your fingertips and take them down slowly. You need to add oil to your fingertips so your hair will be shiny, thus limit frizz. It’s very important to take your time when unraveling each twist because if you rush to take them down, you can loose that defined curl texture.

3. Braid Out

Braid outs are amazing if you know how to braid LOL! With braid outs, you get a stretched, defined, and frizz-free look. It’s beautiful on short, medium, and long hair.

4. Flexi Rod Set

Flexi rods provide you with the most beautiful, heatless curls. You can do a flexi rod set on wet or dry hair. Just make sure you wait until your hair is completely dry before you take them down. Pro tip: Make sure you use the correct size flexi rod for your hair length and rod each section the same way so the curls look uniform.

5. Wand Curls

Want to add some curls to your blown out hair? Try using a wand curler! You will need to use heat but you can use a low heat setting if that’s what you prefer. You have so many options when it comes to wand curling because there are so many different barrels that create different types of curls. No matter if you want really loose curls or really tight curls, you can achieve both with a wand curler!

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