Let’s Talk About Length Retention

Do you think your hair is growing at an extremely slow pace or isn’t growing at all? We got news for you! Your hair is most definitely growing; you’re just not retaining length. You can’t expect to see hair growth when your ends are constantly breaking off. If you’re dealing with this issue, don’t stress about it; just keep on reading!

First, we need to address why you aren’t retaining length and experiencing healthy hair growth. There are plenty of factors that can go into this but the main reasons are you haven’t had a trim in a while, you’re over manipulating or under manipulating your hair, and you aren’t protecting the ends properly.

Why are trims so important?

Source: Going Natural

Split ends never stop splitting until you cut them off. There is not one single product that will actually repair your split ends. Sorry sis, you just have to get rid of them! Keep in mind that your ends are the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair so they need a bit of extra care. It’s very important to do maintenance on your ends every 8-12 weeks. If you stay on top of your trims, you will not have to deal with breakage and you’ll definitely retain more length. Most of the time, it won’t even feel like a trim, you’ll literally just be dusting your ends.

We know that a lot of naturals believe in trimming the hair once a year but the truth is you’ll end up cutting more hair off than necessary. Remember, split ends never stop splitting until you cut them so if you’re only getting a trim once a year, you will have to cut off a good amount of inches.

Over manipulating vs. under manipulating


Braiding the hair too tight, doing tight buns or ponytails, and using excessive heat are all forms of over manipulation. We know that a lot of ladies like the “sleek” look however, you need to be very cautious with those types of styles. Yes, they look amazing but it’s a lot of manipulation, especially if you have a kinkier hair texture and you’re trying to style it wet.

Now, when we refer to under manipulation, we’re talking about not giving the hair the attention it needs. Not touching and combing through your hair for a long period of time is just as bad as over manipulating your hair. For instance, if you keep a weave in for six months, you aren’t washing or combing through your hair, it’s no longer a protective style. The reason why it’s no longer a protective style is because your hair hasn’t been manipulated in so long that it’s dirty, matted, and the ends are split. It’s very important to give your hair some attention; don’t abandon it!

Protecting the ends

Source: Happily Ever Natural

To avoid your ends from breaking off, you need to properly moisturize and seal your ends. It’s best to seal your ends with an oil or a length retention butter. Even grease can work to protect your ends! Just keep in mind that the products you use for length retention should not be used on the scalp because they are too thick.

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